Employee & Corporate Workshops Reimagined

Our environments, especially our workplaces, provide opportunities to be experiences that help transform people into better versions of themselves.”
— Brian Passon

Over the past several years, Brian has worked to create and deliver not just great keynotes and presentations, but opportunities where authentic community is built as a way to enhance learning experiences. From half-day to 3-day immersive learning workshops, he has crafted powerful experiences for people to learn, make applications, and facilitate the success of people and organizations.

For the ultimate experience, visit Wellness Underground for more information on an amazing 2 1/2 day immersive experience that is like no other conference or workshop you have ever attended. In 2018 Wellness Underground is hosting their next event, A People Movement.  Brian is equally passionate about people and experience which is what fueled him to co-found Wellness Underground in 2014. Wellness Underground has evolved over the last few years and continues to move forward with the important of "people" first and foremost!