Engage with the Audience & Leave them Inspired

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Set aside your ideas of a keynote speaker standing in front of the room speaking in a monotone voice with a plethora of slides filled with tiny text and data. Push away the thought of a speaker pacing back and forth shouting motivational quotes at the audience.  Whether he is speaking to 50, 500 or 5,000 people, when Brian does a presentation, he brings to the presentation what he calls "edutainment".  The presentation is educational and entertaining at the same time and very far from traditional or boring. Shying away from the label "motivational speaker" Brian prefers to be called a "facilitator". Motivating someone and sending them on their way only does so much. Inspiring and challenging the audience, Brian prefers to facilitate to take people to the next step. He thoroughly engages with the audience rather than speaking at them. After a presentation, the audience will walk away with action items, out of the box ideas and challenges to tackle...with a dollop of inspiration on top.

If you are seeking an individual to breathe new life into your organization or strategic plan, Brian is your man. His pragmatic and innovative approach to solving complex business problems will push you to question the status quo in search for something much more meaningful and impactful.
— Ryan Picarella, President, WELCOA

Brian generally speaks on topics around creating healthier workplaces, understanding initiatives, building community and the power that experiences have on people. He will work with the client to tailor presentations as best as he can to fit their needs.


Brian's Favorite Topics

  • Leveraging Experiences to Promote Change
  • Drop the Program, Pick Up the People
  • Cultivating an Inspiring Workplace
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Speaking isn't just about the topic or saying the right words.

Speaking at it’s essence is about facilitating others.
— Brian Passon

A great speaker exudes passion and an authentic relate-ability. It's not so much about having all the answers, but helping others explore their own ideas by exposing new or alternate systems or ideas.