Speaker · Believer in Experiences · Passion for People

Experiences are an opportunity to transform people.
To better yourself. To better your organization.
— Brian Passon

Every person has a story. Every organization has a story. That story starts with an experience or even many small experiences. Experiences shape us and have the potential to help us be a better version of ourselves. Why just settle for good and status quo when there is more to tap into?  As a keynote speaker, Brian does more than just speak to the audience. He can help you craft an experience or multiple experiences to help tell the story of you or your organization! Not only that, along the way he can help you tap into that potential that just might be hiding behind the norm. Brian is available as a keynote speaker, to host a workshop or to go head to head and heart to heart with you as a consultant or mentor. Click below for more information on Brian's services!


Give Brian a room of 500+ people and he is in heaven. He loves engaging with and talking to an audience on topics that are relevant, challenging and most often very inspiring!

Events & workshops

Looking for an immersive experience to be inspired, learn from, and be able to apply new insights in practical ways? Consider having Brian host a workshop or design an experience with you for your workplace or organization. 

Consulting & Mentoring

Brian sees potential in everyone and every organization. He has a passion for partnering with organizations and individuals to help them tap into their potential and joining them on their journey.