Consulting is a way to mentor an entire organization.


Organizations & Providers: Brian has worked with organizations to disrupt, design, and implement strategies. It's not always about providing solutions, but about asking the right questions. Consulting is done through Arch Health & Productivity. For more information on consulting services, visit the Arch website.

Professionals: Brian accepts a couple of professionals each year whom he provides mentoring, professional guidance and development in a 12-month relationship that often also includes attendance at a workshop event. For more information on mentoring services, contact Brian today!


As a one woman wellness department for over a decade at the same company, I often found myself wanting to talk to someone else in the industry who was a little further along than me about my ideas, thoughts, and challenges. After serendipitously meeting Brian at a wellness conference a few years ago and getting to know him and his creativity, playfulness, and thoughtfulness, I knew the time was right for establishing a formal mentorship relationship. Over the past year as we worked together, he guided me and was a sounding board for everything from developing client strategy and reviewing presentations and ideas to encouraging me to charge what I’m worth and consider different perspectives. He did this all without judgment and with a foundation of curiosity. It was a wonderful year and I feel more equipped than ever to take on the next phase of my career!
— Rachel Druckenmiller, Director of Wellbeing, SIG