the shared ship: Transform your culture

Join a pirate crew to create a “Shared Ship” community where word of mouth marketing is your ally as you create well-being experiences that transform organizations and people into better versions of themselves. You may be scratching your head...pirates and workplace experiences? Read on for a bit more info on this new workshop that can help you bring together the "band of pirates" at your workplace or organization to create positive culture shifts and tap into the opportunity of your community!

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You know you need to improve or change the culture, but how? Consider your own sphere of influence, because you can’t always get to the head honcho.  Gallup says that 70% of employee engagement is impacted by an employee’s direct manager or supervisor. That means that there is a lot of opportunity for community and culture change without trying to change the whole organization. Pirates may seem like an unlikely place to look for inspiration and action oriented steps when it comes to bettering the culture in your workplace. We can help you tap into the opportunity that is right before you and harness the power of your community.

The Shared Ship Experience

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One day, half day or a keynote presentation, the Shared Ship experience can be tailored for your organization and community to address your challenges and specifically inspire you!


Your Band of Pirates

Currently the Shared Ship workshop can be led by one or all of the following based on availability and the needs of the organization: Brian Passon, Geno Church and Evin Foss.