Engage with the Audience & Leave them Inspired

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Set aside your ideas of a keynote speaker standing in front of the room speaking in a monotone voice with a plethora of slides filled with tiny text and data. Push away the thought of a speaker pacing back and forth shouting motivational quotes at the audience.  Whether he is speaking to 50, 500 or 5,000 people, when Brian does a presentation, he brings to the presentation what he calls "edutainment".  The presentation is educational and entertaining at the same time and very far from traditional or boring. Shying away from the label "motivational speaker" Brian prefers to be called a "facilitator". Motivating someone and sending them on their way only does so much. Inspiring and challenging the audience, Brian prefers to facilitate to take people to the next step. He thoroughly engages with the audience rather than speaking at them. After a presentation, the audience will walk away with action items, out of the box ideas and challenges to tackle...with a dollop of inspiration on top.

If you are seeking an individual to breathe new life into your organization or strategic plan, Brian is your man. His pragmatic and innovative approach to solving complex business problems will push you to question the status quo in search for something much more meaningful and impactful.
— Ryan Picarella, President, WELCOA

Brian generally speaks on topics around creating healthier workplaces, understanding initiatives, building community and the power that experiences have on people. He will work with the client to tailor presentations as best as he can to fit their needs.


Brian's Favorite Topics

  • Leveraging Experiences to Promote Change
  • Drop the Program, Pick Up the People
  • Cultivating an Inspiring Workplace
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Speaking isn't just about the topic or saying the right words.

Speaking at it’s essence is about facilitating others.
— Brian Passon

A great speaker exudes passion and an authentic relate-ability. It's not so much about having all the answers, but helping others explore their own ideas by exposing new or alternate systems or ideas.


Employee & Corporate Workshops Reimagined

Our environments, especially our workplaces, provide opportunities to be experiences that help transform people into better versions of themselves.”
— Brian Passon

Over the past several years, Brian has worked to create and deliver not just great keynotes and presentations, but opportunities where authentic community is built as a way to enhance learning experiences. From half-day to 3-day immersive learning workshops, he has crafted powerful experiences for people to learn, make applications, and facilitate the success of people and organizations.

For the ultimate experience, visit Wellness Underground for more information on an amazing 2 1/2 day immersive experience that is like no other conference or workshop you have ever attended. In 2018 Wellness Underground is hosting their next event, A People Movement.  Brian is equally passionate about people and experience which is what fueled him to co-found Wellness Underground in 2014. Wellness Underground has evolved over the last few years and continues to move forward with the important of "people" first and foremost!

Consulting is a way to mentor an entire organization.


Organizations & Providers: Brian has worked with organizations to disrupt, design, and implement strategies. It's not always about providing solutions, but about asking the right questions. Consulting is done through Arch Health & Productivity. For more information on consulting services, visit the Arch website.

Professionals: Brian accepts a couple of professionals each year whom he provides mentoring, professional guidance and development in a 12-month relationship that often also includes attendance at a workshop event. For more information on mentoring services, contact Brian today!


As a one woman wellness department for over a decade at the same company, I often found myself wanting to talk to someone else in the industry who was a little further along than me about my ideas, thoughts, and challenges. After serendipitously meeting Brian at a wellness conference a few years ago and getting to know him and his creativity, playfulness, and thoughtfulness, I knew the time was right for establishing a formal mentorship relationship. Over the past year as we worked together, he guided me and was a sounding board for everything from developing client strategy and reviewing presentations and ideas to encouraging me to charge what I’m worth and consider different perspectives. He did this all without judgment and with a foundation of curiosity. It was a wonderful year and I feel more equipped than ever to take on the next phase of my career!
— Rachel Druckenmiller, Director of Wellbeing, SIG

the shared ship: Transform your culture

Join a pirate crew to create a “Shared Ship” community where word of mouth marketing is your ally as you create well-being experiences that transform organizations and people into better versions of themselves. You may be scratching your head...pirates and workplace experiences? Read on for a bit more info on this new workshop that can help you bring together the "band of pirates" at your workplace or organization to create positive culture shifts and tap into the opportunity of your community!

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You know you need to improve or change the culture, but how? Consider your own sphere of influence, because you can’t always get to the head honcho.  Gallup says that 70% of employee engagement is impacted by an employee’s direct manager or supervisor. That means that there is a lot of opportunity for community and culture change without trying to change the whole organization. Pirates may seem like an unlikely place to look for inspiration and action oriented steps when it comes to bettering the culture in your workplace. We can help you tap into the opportunity that is right before you and harness the power of your community.

The Shared Ship Experience

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One day, half day or a keynote presentation, the Shared Ship experience can be tailored for your organization and community to address your challenges and specifically inspire you!


Your Band of Pirates

Currently the Shared Ship workshop can be led by one or all of the following based on availability and the needs of the organization: Brian Passon, Geno Church and Evin Foss.